This report provides the status of all UULM-MD priority bills at the close of the session. It includes which bills have been signed into law by the Governor as of May 13, 2019.

Climate Change 

SB 516 - Clean Energy Jobs – Passed and Governor is allowing to become law without his signature

SB 249/HB 277 Regional Initiative to Limit or Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Transportation Sector - Authorization (Regional Transportation and Climate Protection Act of 2019) – Passed and Governor is allowing to become law without his signature

All others failed (no action in either committee) 

Death with Dignity 

HB 399/SB 311 - End-of-Life Option Act (Richard E. Israel and Roger 'Pip' Moyer Act) – Failed by tie vote on Senate floor 

Economic Justice 

HB 166/SB 280 - Labor and Employment – Payment of Wages – Minimum Wage (Fight for Fifteen) – Passed over Governor’s veto 

HB 341/SB 500 - Labor and Employment – Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program – Establishment (Time to Care Act of 2019) – Failed (no action in either committee) 

Gun Violence 

SJ2/HJ 9 - Freedom of the Press Day – [Designating June 28 as Freedom of the Press Day in Maryland to memorialize the lives lost on June 28, 2018, at the Capital Gazette offices] – Passed and Signed by Speaker and President (Governor's signature not needed)

SB 622 - Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention – Crime Firearms – Study –– Passed and Signed by Governor 

SB 346 – Public Safety – Regulated Firearms – Prohibition of Loans – Passed and Signed by Governor 

SB 536/HB 367 - Public Safety - Education - Firearm Funding – awaiting action in EHEA 

HB 740/SB 882 - Criminal Law – Firearms – Computer–Aided Fabrication and Serial Number (3–D Printed Firearms) – HB awaiting action in JPR 

HB 468/SB 441 - Public Safety - Access to Firearms - Storage Requirements - Failed (no action in either committee) 


HB 697/SB 868 - Health Insurance - Consumer Protections and Maryland Health Insurance Coverage Protection Commission – Passed and Signed by Governor 

HB 814/SB 802 - Maryland Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program – Passed and Signed by Governor 

HB 768 - Health - Prescription Drug Affordability Board – Passed and Governor is allowing to become law without his signature


SB 537/HB 262 - Higher Education - Tuition Rates – Exemptions [Dream Act improvement] – Passed but vetoed by the Governor 

HB 214/SB 144 - Victims and Witnesses - U Nonimmigrant Status - Certification of Victim Helpfulness – Passed and Signed by Governor 

HB 1273/SB 599 - Immigration Enforcement – Public Schools, Hospitals, and Courthouses – Policies – Passed House but Failed, no action in JPR 

HB 1165/SB 718 - State Government – Government Agents – Requests for and Use of Immigration Status Information – Passed House but Failed, no action in JPR  

HB 913/SB 817 Correctional Facilities and Police Officers – Procedures – Immigration Status – Failed (no action in either committee) 

Restorative/Criminal Justice 

SB 621/HB 294 - Correctional Services - Diminution Credits – Education – Passed Senate but Failed, no action in JUD

HB 1001/SB 774- Correctional Services - Restrictive Housing - Reporting by Correctional Units and Requirements Relating to Minors – Passed and Signed by Governor   

SB 809 - Correctional Facilities - Restrictive Housing - Pregnant Inmates – Passed and signed by Governor  

HB 1002 - Restrictive housing - Direct Release – Passed House but failed to get final vote in Senate. 

HB 1029 - Correctional Services - Restrictive Housing - Limitations (Restrictive Housing Reform Act of 2019) – Failed (no action in JUD committee) 

HB 443/SB 121 - Inmates - Life Imprisonment - Parole Reform - Failed (no action in either committee)