Restorative Justice 2018

“Ban the Box” – Early in the session, both Houses overrode the Governor’s veto of 2017 legislation that prohibited state colleges and universities from requiring applicants from checking a box indicating that they have no criminal history. This information may be considered in admission decisions later, but it does not prevent them from initial consideration. 

Prison Education – UULM-MD’s primary initiative in this area was a measure to award a one-time diminution credit to reduce the term of confinement of an inmate if the inmate successfully obtained an educational certificate, diploma, or degree. Both bills received an unfavorable report from the House Judiciary and Senate Judicial Proceedings Committees. 

However, both Houses passed a related bill to require the Division of Correction (DOC) to conduct an interview for each inmate, as soon as feasible after the individual is sentenced. DOC must include the educational, vocational, and job history of the inmate and the results of the interview in the case record for the inmate. In the final days, the Senate version of the bill was also amended to include the sentence diminution credits from the other bill, plus some other provisions originally in the Governor's "tough on crime" bills. In this form, the bill passed both houses and was signed by the Governor.