For several years, UULM-MD worked with coalition partners to help finally secure passage of the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013.  The bill provided the framework for the development of an offshore wind farm off the coast of Maryland.

The process has now received approval from the required federal and state agencies and is ready for final approval by the Maryland Public Service Commission.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) had two public meetings to discuss two proposed offshore wind projects off the coast of Maryland.  At the hearing in Annapolis, Steve Buckingham, Lay Community Minister and Chair of the UULM-MD and Dr. Scott Eden, an Annapolis physician and member of UULM-MD, testified in favor moving forward with offshore wind for Maryland.

The first proposal, by US Wind, is a 750-megawatt offshore wind project off the coast of Ocean City. The project calls for 187 turbines to be built across 80,000 acres. The entire project would be completed by 2022. The second proposal, by Skipjack Offshore Energy, calls for the 15-turbine, 120-megawatt project that would also be operational by 2022. US Wind's proposal would be enough energy to power about 500,000 homes.

In cooperation with our partners in the Maryland Climate Coalition, we asked you to sign a petition in support of the projects.  Thank you to the over 200 UUs who signed, either through your congregation or online.  All of the names were submitted to the PSC.

We are pleased that the PSC approved both developments!

You can find an article from the Baltimore Sun about the next steps for the wind projects here.