Update March 17, 2017:  Governor Hogan has announced that he will support a ban on fracking!  The bill has passed the House.  Now we need Senate passage!

Fracking Ban: In 2015, the Maryland General Assembly placed a moratorium on fracking that will last until October, 2017.  Efforts are already underway to establish regulations surrounding this process.  The latest poll found that 56% of Maryland's registered voters oppose fracking.

In spite of continuing evidence that fracking poses a potential harm to human health, land, and water resources, there are ongoing efforts to move ahead with the process.  The House of Delegates has passed HB 1325, Oil and Natural Gas-Hydraulic Fracturing-Prohibition and we expect the Senate to take the companion bill, SB 740, up soon.  We are working with the Don't Frack Maryland Coalition to secure passage of a ban.

In the meantime, it is important that you continue to let your legislators know that you want fossil fuels to stay in the ground!  Let them know that you support a ban on fracking in Maryland!

You can watch a short video about fracking, Faith Against Fracking, here.  It was produced with the help of the Starr King UU Congregation.  The Rev. Joy Atkinson of the UU Congregation of Marin, CA is one of the featured speakers.

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